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Door closers
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What do you do if you loose your mailbox keys ? If you live in a condo or apartment building as long as you have proof of address we can make keys or change the lock. If you live in a private home you will have to go through the post office.

Condos  and apartment buildings

CX-5 restricted key
MX10 security key
Push paddle
store front lever

4  ways to cut down on the maintenance calls on                         your main entrance door.

 #1  key duplication use a restricted key ie CX-5 Or         Mx-10 You probably find yourself having to call          A locksmith because your tenants or                         owners are getting bad key duplication                       get all you keys cut from the same place you             can even request high deposits Keys               #2  Remove cylinder from door and install keyed             switch conjunction with intercom this way they           can no longer pull the door open with the key,     #3 Have your closer installed or adjusted by J                and B's professional locksmith if your  door                slams constantly your hardware will not stay              tight  (if there is oil leaking from your door                  closer you need a new one).                             #4 Change lever to paddle last longer especially             with small children      

Lost the keys to your desk or file cabinet or would like to be able to lock it we may be able to help give J & B lock a call.

- Sales

- Service 

- Installation

- locks re keyed | Master keyed

- Electronic key pad locks

- Store front hardware

  .electric strikes




  .keyed switch access

  .door closer/manual and automatic

- Panic hardware

- Grade 1 and 2 fire rated knob|lever




  .classroom function

- Key control | restricted keys

- Mailboxes | mailbox locks

- Minor door adjustments 

key switch
tubular cam locks
MS bolt
file cabinet locks
push lock
oval file cabinet lock
drawer lock
cam locks
office furniture locks
flush bolt

Commercial Locksmith services

flush bolt
panic bar
grade 2 lever
store front
latch gaurd protector
in swing latch guard
best small format IC core
Handi Cap Button
Entermatic door operator
alarm panic hardware
automatic opener
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